Most the time a photography based artist professional has to wear many hats from writer, concept artist, storyboard artist, location scout, project manager, stagehand, editor/retoucher, and mind-body reintegration (physical exercise wellness), and last but not least - janitor. Long story short, it's rarely just pressing buttons.

Hello, welcome! Brief intro of Who am I and what do I do?
My name is Danielle Deutsch and I'm an artist who loves thinking outside the box of what's "normal" in photography and video...
Drawing is actually one of my first steps in the preparation of a photo shoot whether it's a loose sketch or storyboard it helps me ramp up in the zone like an athlete warming up before the big game.
Continued: Climbing the Professional Ladder starts by preparing the ground for positive growth -
I earned my Bachelors of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in photography from Arizona State University (2010) where I developed a deep joy for recording light beyond what is represented in front of the camera. I love looking at light at a granular level and finding how I can carve it more intentionally in the frame.
* Portfolio is being fine-tuned
But if you must see past client work and some of my favorite moments of success behind the scenes take a look below.
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Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.
xo Danielle Deutsch
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