I love pretending I'm on set or starring in a film... Whether that's film noir or something else. When I actually get on a set I light up always ready for action.

The 2022 Portfolio Building Collection will start releasing this spring! Stay tuned.

Hello, welcome!
So you might've thought what the heck does your website banner have to do with anything?
To put a long story short, it's always been a visual representation of "my mind." Need I say more?
My name is Danielle Deutsch and I'm an artist specially interested in gesture drawing and storyboarding as a means to streamline a production with a visual blueprint from a written idea.
On the other side of the spectrum I'm obsessed about recording failures and successes that have helped me climb out of a deep hole that I unconsciously dove into when I entered school and then later, an office at a job. Chairs, desks, and computers should all have warning labels to them, "don't slouch... It might just save your life down the road!"
A brief background behind where it all began...
I earned my Bachelors of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in photography from Arizona State University (2010) where I developed a deep joy for recording light and black and white photography. I love looking at light at a granular level and finding how I can carve it more intentionally in the frame.
Thank you!
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