Could you thrive as a video creator without a gimbal/steady-cam?
A 1-minute short film demo I put together of spiritually inspired, slow crafted quality visuals with the hope to inspire myself and other photographer and video creator's that it isn't all about what gear you have but in the VISION and execution of where the real magic happens.
Credit: Writer, Camera Operator, Editor
When life throws you lemons, find a way to adapt and make lemonade!
2020! It feels like we've all been cast into the world's largest real life documentary film and sequel to 2019's Joker but the short film on the right is a look at a photography retreat I treated myself to when I felt burnt out with digital cameras and computers in the field of work I've been apart of for over a decade.  The hands on practice was a breath of fresh air that is informing my work again in 2020.
Credit: Writer, Camera Operator, Editor
Breath Awareness Meditation Video
I hope this short rainy day breath awareness meditation video helps reconnect you back to the rhythm of your natural breath when it starts to quicken during periods of high stress. It is a reminder that we are never in this life alone. There is a force that holds us and loves us endlessly. A force that is much bigger than us. The more I can connect and feel it in my daily presence the more at peace I feel in the moment.
Credit: Writer, Camera Operator, Editor
First Lyric Video Demo
That was a trip but they are so powerful once completed at any level.
Credit: Graphics, Editor
1st and Goal AZ Sports Camps
Building great athletes starts with character. 1st and Goal's mission is to provide a friendly environment for youths to set and attain goals through fundamental football skills training and to develop strong values through good sportsmanship in healthy competition. Our hope is that we will be able to open doors for youths who would otherwise not receive the chance to participate in a team sport and use the experience to instill principles that will encourage them to be better young people whether in the classroom or active members in the community.
Credit: Camera Operator, Editor
This reel is the first a series compilation of favorite drone shots, captured in Arizona between 2016 and 2019. During this time the video evolved from a mere interest of documenting family events into a full-on passion for video editing. Compiling this reel is my first step and I hope it leads to new and rewarding adventures with someone like you!
Credit: Camera Operator, Editor
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